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Cascade Hops

Cascade is an aroma/flavoring hop and was released in 1972.  Cascade has a unique, floral, spicy, and citrus character with balanced bittering potential.  It is the most popular hop for craft brewing and is great for dry hopping.  Cascade lends itself to many beer styles, including:

  • Amber Ale

  • American Hefeweizen

  • American Pale Ale

  • Barley Wine

  • Blonde Ale

  • Golden Ale

  • India Pale Ale

  • Pale Ale

  • Porter

  • Red Ale

  • Strong Ale

  • Witbier


Cascade (U.S.) Hops Acid Composition

Alpha Acid: 7.95%

Beta Acid: 5.72%

Cohumulone: 34.2%

Cascade (U.S.) Hops Oil Composition

B-Pinene: 0.71%

Myrcene: 60.46%

Linalool: 0.55%

Humulene: 11.90%

Caryophyllene: 5.90%

Farnesene: 6.15%

Geraniol: 0.25%

Total Oil: 2.03 mL/100g

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