Welcome to Herds To Hops!
We are a family farm located just west of Sioux Falls, SD.  We grow corn, soybeans, hay and alfalfa, and raise cattle.  In 2016, we began research on adding hops to our farm operations.  We spoke with numerous other hop operations, read countless books and online articles, and visited with local breweries to gauge interest. 
In spring 2017, we began work on our first 4-acre hop field.  We installed 315 poles, planted 4,000 plants, and strung over 8 miles of cable.  We elected not to train our plants the first year and left them to grow on the ground. 
We will be expanding and adding another 5,500 plants over the next few years in a 6-acre field as we look to meet the demands of a growing microbrewery industry.  We will be planting 1700 new plants in early summer of 2019 and plan on 3,000 in 2020 with the remaining plants going in during early summer 2021.

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